Tuesday, September 1, 2009

weel on today's workout

Aeolae allowed gav to put on the halter today and accept the lead, guess she wanted to join the fun we had had with samwise the last few days. so we had 2 horses lead by 2 people wandering around their current paddock with no real problem

near the end something spooked Aeolae and broke free from my wife and started to run back to her shelter then stopped looked a bit sheepish and acted afaid we going to be mad at her her for getting spooked so I gave sam to to gav and went after Aeolae myself got hold of her lead and lead her around some more then we lead them back to feed them ( a favorite part of this exercise go figure) used a few "equine reinforcement units (pepomint lifesavers) to reinforce the fact they like us already

it is hard to believe we have been dealing with these guys for less then 2 weeks and that they were close to being put down

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