Monday, August 31, 2009

well introducced the horses to my dad

dropped by the horses after taking dad the doc for a check up part of the prep for cataract surgery so we dropped by introduced dad to the horses. they liked. they liked even better the mints dad gave them

well blaze has a new name it is "Samwise"

pornuced as Mell-loen it means frined in Elfish acrodding the JRR Tolkien and seesm a better name than blaze who we know was teased 2 owner ago with fire by the onwers distrubed son

Saturday, August 29, 2009

well meett Blaze again

Blaze is gelding he is a bit better behaved at this point than Aeolae and I think I can almost put him to work now while Aeolae is bit less trained both have had a rough a life before meeting us and both have been in serious danger of becoming dinner or some dreadful fate that can happen to horses he about 13 as well is very herd bound to Aeolae

Well at least. we don't have to worry anymore about how to separate the horses

well the blog gets a new title

it seems we are getting @ horse horses both Aeolae and Blaze are moving in. Blaze was not available however his situation has collapsed, literally from what I understand his poetencail shelter may have collapsed under a tree blown down in the recent strom we have had, but am not sure exactly what happened. the other person will be feeding the horse n(providing hay et al this winter and look at things in spring whre we expect that an arrangement will be made to allow this person's daughter will able to come and ride the horse under condictions TBD in exchange for food and other assistance and we care fore the horse and have his services the rest of the time

two horses here?

ye[ that might be the case soon stay tuned

again with the horse

well what else would you see on a horse blog

gave her a "jackpot" in training terms just giving her a treat "for nothing" to encourage her to pay attention for stray repsonses from us

Friday, August 28, 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

went to see aeloa

the trainer has hiuurt her own ankle so went over to feed blaze and aolae

had a little trouble finding them on thier paddock

when we found they were so eager to lead us back to their shelter, they at least see us as bringer of food

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

well Aeolae was ain a snit

so aftertryignt o wrok with here we(me my wife and the trainer) went over to see here horse Chaz and work with her to teach us how to control a well trained and displined horse

well I do need to make some money

so here the first of the payintg gigs from amazon

my wife is reading this right now as I type this a review will follow at some point

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

well aeolae is certainly to become my horse

we showed up to see here and work with her. We were supposed to meet the trainer, but as they say manure happens, so we talked and worked a bit with here on our own . If Blaze would have stayed out the way we would have gotten done but She will now walk along with me without a lead or halter on anything with my hand alone and my voice/ She will noy yet take orders yet by voice but she will seriously consider suggestions forcefully made.

One, Blaze is jealous of me he ( a gelding) is jealous that I am taking his exalted herdleaderness, so he keeps butt in between me and her.

Two, Aelolae is something of a pervert she tried to "do a Monica) on me several times . Gee those teeth do not look very comfortable

well my wife has started a paralelblog to this one

this blog

it ought to be interesting to see how here perceptions vary from my own and vice versa

the one warning I will give you is that my wife is rather verbose in her blogging while I am rather curt

Monday, August 24, 2009

aeolae the horse

a few mores shot of of her the place here needs what a horse would call fencing to confine her and she has been left on handled so we need to train her some

Ailous the godd of the wind

AIOLOS (or Aeolus) was the king of the winds who kept the stormy Anemoi Thuellai and Aellai locked away inside the hollow heart of the floating island of Aiolia. At the command of the gods he released these to wreck devastating storms. Since the Winds were often conceived of as horse-shaped spirits, Aiolos was titled Hippotades, "the reiner of horses," from the Greek hippos ("horse") and tadĂȘn ("reined in tightly").

Sunday, August 23, 2009

aeolae's jobs around here

the plan a her biggest job will be acheived simply int he exercise of here walking around her paddock, likely dragging a hire or something that being clearing paths for here people. other things include hauling bits of wood, a plan to help me felling trees we seem to eb a lighsulky like "coach" which a horse here size can pull so maybe dad will learn to drive her and aeolae can help him figure out how to get home if his meds make him fuzzy if she can be made into a horse for riding I may trying tilting at a quaintain (the foes of medevil squires yes with a lance

well the lastets on the horse

Our friend in charge of finding the horse a new home has been over looked the structures we thought might be suitable for her one she though was and the the other would do but the other was likely the former home of a horse some time in the past

we have figured out what work it needs to have so as to be fully suited to nothing to serious and nothing I can't easily do. talked a couple of neighbor an d we have lined almost enough hay for winter and I am speaking to a neighbor who is willing to provide us some at a discount since he sells to other that are resellers he will make a bit more than normal and we will not pay as much

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Aeolae is it seems a fairly smart horse that has been allowed to get her own far too often over the eyars and thus needs a strong calm hand I have excellent luck witht dogs and wolves it seems to sort translate to aeolae already but she is a will horse yet

Friday, August 21, 2009

Aeolae our new horse

weel went t and met windy or Aeolae which means much the same thing in greek but it is softer set of sounds easier to use softly there is a her picture (left) more will follow in the next few days

( will have larger versions for thaose that want to see hem in a few days Blaze (pictured upper right) is here current herd mate and I think looking at them tries to get windy into trouble something that might have gotten windy sent to the glue factory but Blazze surely did not know this

well omarrow I am supposed to meet the horse

her name is Windy although I tempted call Aelouusay (a feminie form of the greek god of the wind)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

well going to see some folks about a horse

a strange happening today" a horse

My wife I do various thing for neighbors nearly neighbors and just folks. Thes folks knowing we want a horse for various reasons of own have offered us a horse. Her name in Windy as I understand and she has been somewhat neglected and she is s bit small for riding but the folks offering us the horse I have more in mind hulling and carring things with the horse help using rope and other tree and making sure tree fall where I want em and no on me may pulling a small cart stuff like that meanng is she responds to me as well or better than My wife we ill have a horse well suited to what WE want a horse to do. Admittedly our neighbors, many of are menonights do wonder at the interest of the transplanted city folks in a horse what when we own more sat dishes that rest of the Tapoila area combined, as well all kind of high tech gear , but they are getting used to not really understanding us completely. thus in the next day ors I will meet said horse and see how she likes me and these pages well show about how it goes.

because she is not exactly what most folks are looking for and that she has been neglected and may be bit hard to train her life may depend on us taking her since they area has a really surplus of horses over interested people, no one realy wants to put her down but her home is more or less gone (serious illness has taken down her current owners) this state of affairs also relieves some of our concerns over a horse the cost of the horse and whether we can take care of one, after if dies because of our mistake she at least had a chance at a life as opposed to glue factory. Sounds like a Mitzvah to me

assuming this goes off I will be blogging about the horse and her antics