Friday, December 18, 2009

the greatest horse escape (so far)

this we were awaken by the cops ....

This report is compiled and not sworn to be exactly accurate but it is the account of the day that I have

it seems someone turned off the electric fence and let the horses out ,,,they were down the road a piece munching on something they found to be delicious when a car (sub compact according to the reports) i have tried to push the 2 of them out of the way. the hose refused to move and kicked. it has been reported that the subcompact is now "totaled" by the action of the horses, without injuring the horses or anyone else. Horses are now home fenced back in, and the fence rerun so no one can get to the charger without going into their paddock anymore. further work is needed to keep them from indulging in all the hay they care to eat but i can do that tomorrow at least today I don't have to feed those hay burners, hey can feed themselves.

who turned off the fence. I don't know but frankly suspect it is connected to ole Chad ( a neighboring home owner with whom I have had trouble)I wonder if the stalkers called and bothered him again provoking this latest outrage. evidence is a little hard to find but no is really happy, esp the auto insurance of the late subcompact

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