Tuesday, August 25, 2009

well aeolae is certainly to become my horse

we showed up to see here and work with her. We were supposed to meet the trainer, but as they say manure happens, so we talked and worked a bit with here on our own . If Blaze would have stayed out the way we would have gotten done but She will now walk along with me without a lead or halter on anything with my hand alone and my voice/ She will noy yet take orders yet by voice but she will seriously consider suggestions forcefully made.

One, Blaze is jealous of me he ( a gelding) is jealous that I am taking his exalted herdleaderness, so he keeps butt in between me and her.

Two, Aelolae is something of a pervert she tried to "do a Monica) on me several times . Gee those teeth do not look very comfortable

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