Thursday, August 20, 2009

well going to see some folks about a horse

a strange happening today" a horse

My wife I do various thing for neighbors nearly neighbors and just folks. Thes folks knowing we want a horse for various reasons of own have offered us a horse. Her name in Windy as I understand and she has been somewhat neglected and she is s bit small for riding but the folks offering us the horse I have more in mind hulling and carring things with the horse help using rope and other tree and making sure tree fall where I want em and no on me may pulling a small cart stuff like that meanng is she responds to me as well or better than My wife we ill have a horse well suited to what WE want a horse to do. Admittedly our neighbors, many of are menonights do wonder at the interest of the transplanted city folks in a horse what when we own more sat dishes that rest of the Tapoila area combined, as well all kind of high tech gear , but they are getting used to not really understanding us completely. thus in the next day ors I will meet said horse and see how she likes me and these pages well show about how it goes.

because she is not exactly what most folks are looking for and that she has been neglected and may be bit hard to train her life may depend on us taking her since they area has a really surplus of horses over interested people, no one realy wants to put her down but her home is more or less gone (serious illness has taken down her current owners) this state of affairs also relieves some of our concerns over a horse the cost of the horse and whether we can take care of one, after if dies because of our mistake she at least had a chance at a life as opposed to glue factory. Sounds like a Mitzvah to me

assuming this goes off I will be blogging about the horse and her antics

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